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Values-Based Approach

The concept of a coaching “approach” is a bit of a misnomer. The true approach is you. And you, quite naturally, will feel more connected and present with a coach that just “gets you.” There’s magic and mystery in this. And also, there are shared values. Below, I share how my values show up in my coaching.

Personal Growth

When signing up for the next personal growth experience comes from a place of feeling inadequate or flawed, this is pleasing disguised as self-improvement. Patriarchy and the self-help industry bank millions from these devaluing beliefs. I collaborate with clients to activate their self-curiosity, shifting their pleaser mindset to one of exploration and discovery. My hope is for us all to fall in love with creating who we are to become.



When our curiosity is awakened, intention becomes a powerful tool for setting boundaries and running experiments. I encourage clients to engage in deep self-listening so that they hear each inner “no,” resoundingly, like a thud in their awareness. “No” is a beautiful container that allows “yes” to get up and roam freely. Next, as we unleash the expansive power of “yes,” we get to run all kinds of self-discovery experiments that deepen our understanding of our boundaries and the range of our desires.


Daring Self-Expression

What brings so many to coaching is an unwillingness to tolerate a status quo that has them on autopilot, living in the back-shadows of their life. This is where our saboteurs hang out. Here we struggle not with burnout, but with apathy. When I work with clients, I assist them in a slow and messy process of consciously placing bold self-expression at the center of their life, which can look wildly different from person to person. We do this by harnessing the power of a "yes" to break through fossilized fears of what others think of us and giving full space and voice to the creative soul.

Street Dancer
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